Business Law

The Law Offices of Nett & Nett, P.C., provide planning, transactional and litigation services for our business clients. Services include the following:

Entity Formation:

The choice of business entity, whether it be a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, we work closely with each client to establish the appropriate entity to meet each client’s needs.

Lease Drafting and Negotiation:

Where a company transacts its business is important to its continued success and we work with each client to ensure the business is able to maintain its establishment, as well as negotiate favorable terms for the duration of the lease.

Business and Franchise Agreements:

We place a high priority on effective business planning, which includes the creation and implementation of necessary business contracts, including buy sell agreement, stock purchase agreements, franchise agreements, asset purchase agreements and the like, which are essential to the maintenance and day to day operations of any business.

Corporate Counsel:

There are many aspects to operating a business and we provide hands on, day to day counsel for our business clients, whether the business is a small start up or established industry leader, corporate counsel offers our clients the satisfaction and comfort of knowing any legal issues or concerns will be handled efficiently and expeditiously.

In addition to the above, the Law Offices of Nett & Nett, P.C., also offers service relating to construction and real property contracts and disputes, as well as business related litigation. The Law Offices of Nett & Nett, P.C., values long term relationships we have established with our business clients, which allows us to guide them through all aspects of business from start up to dissolution and everything in between.